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CK1 Pressure Washing is one of the top local pressure washing companies offering the best, quality pressure washing (power washing) services using Soft Wash technology to safely clean your house, gutter, driveway, roof, fence, etc completely of black and green algae stains, rust stains, grease, red clay stains, or anything else you need.

We at CK1 Pressure Washing have been professionally trained by some of the leaders in the cleaning industry. One of our trainers lives in Orlando, FL, and his company, Softwash Systems, washes for Walt Disney World. We use the soft wash cleaning method that he invented! We also use Professional equipment and complete our work in less than half the time of our competitors. Our Soft Wash method yields amazing results for our customers that have pressure washing (power washing) needs!

Our Cleaners, Detergents and Soaps are also Biodegradable, Eco Friendly, and Safe for your Family!

Pressure Washing vs Soft Wash Benefits

  1. Soft Washing does Not destroy your property with High Pressure because it utilizes low (garden hose level) pressure
  2. Any Surface we Clean will last 2x as long as Pressure and Water Alone.
  3. We Kill All Black and Green Algae, Moss, Lichen, and Organic Growth
  4. We Stop the Decay process in and on Outdoor Wood because we kill the Organic Growth that causes Wood Rot and Decay.
Power washing soft washing McDonough GA

Pressure Washing & Soft washing

Clean your home, driveway, deck, walls, trailer, patio and more.

Gutter Cleaning McDonough GA

Roof Cleaning

Remove algae and dirt that can harm your roof and cause leaks.

Gutter Cleaning McDonough GA

Soft Washing Wood

Stop the wood-decaying process on your wood deck, wood fence, and/or any other exterior wood Items.

Gutter Cleaning McDonough GA

Gutter Whitening

Removes black stains on the outside of gutters, making them look new like the gutters have just been painted.

Power washing soft washing McDonough GA

Sanitization & Disinfestation

We can sanitize and disinfect playgrounds, public areas, and your home.

Gutter Cleaning McDonough GA

Gutter Cleaning

We hand clean gutters and make them shine.

If you want an honest, hard-working company with attention to detail bringing new life back into your house, give us a call or text or fill out the form below.

Power washing company in McDonough GA

About CK1 Pressure Washing McDonough, GA

I grew up in a family that lived and taught the value of hard work.

My father owned his own business, Klicko Drywall Inc. for 38 years. He also owned and ran a building company, building homes for 10 years.

I’ve grown up around the home building industry, giving me decades of experience that I bring to every home CK1 Pressure Washing has the opportunity to serve.

I payed Good Money to get Professional Trained and we Use Professional Equipment! Locally Owned and Operated Company (Henry Country). We are Licensed and Insured.

Our pressure washing services extend throughout Henry County and the surrounding areas:

Atlanta, Ga
College Park, Ga
Conyers, Ga
Covington, Ga
Decatur, Ga
Forest Park, Ga
Hampton, Ga
Jackson, Ga
Jonesboro, Ga

Locust Grove, Ga
LoveJoy, Ga
Marietta, Ga
Mcdonough, Ga
Morrow, Ga
Riverdale, Ga
Smyrna, Ga
Stockbridge, Ga

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